Day of protest in Egypt after one year of Morsi rule

One year into Morsi’s presidency, Egypt faces yet another day of protest. As thousand take to the street to either call for Morsi’s resignation or to support the president, Morsi himself vowed there will be no question of another revolution.

In Tahrir square supporters of the opposition are calling for Morsi to leave office accusing him of being to autocratic and process being too slow. On the other hand Morsi supporters are gathering around the Raba El-Adwyia Mosque in Nasr city saying they will defend the president’s legitimacy until the end. It’s this use of strong language that has many Egyptians feeling anxious towards what the now peaceful protests may develop into.

The military has claimed it has stayed out of politics since Morsi came into power but that it will not let the country slide into chaos.

The protesters on Tahrir square plan to march for the presidential palace. The site of the palace has been reinforced by security forces and Morsi supporters plan counter demonstrations in support of president Morsi. Fear is the collision of these parties may spark a violent reaction.

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