48 hour deadline for president Morsi


The Egyptian army has given president Morsi a 48 hours to calm the protest that have been going on since yesterday. As many as five ministers have already resigned because of the unrest in the African country, as statement in support of the protests.

The protests that had been announced to take place on the 30th of June have been reasonably peaceful, never the less they still claimed the lives of sixteen people en saw many more injured.

Now the army has made a statement giving Morsi 48 hours to calm down the protest or the army will step in to prevent, as they stated, the county from slipping into chaos. The question remains who will benefit from this possible interference by the army.

In the meanwhile pro Morsi protesters have stated Morsi we be leave over their ‘dead bodies.’

A full version of the army statement can be found at the Al Jazeera website or by clicking on the link below.



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