Hour of truth for Egypt

CC Image courtesy of Jonathan Rashad on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of Jonathan Rashad on Flickr

The Egyptian president has proposed a consensus government that is to oversee the next parliamentary elections. In the meanwhile the military has been preparing what some call a coup. The army has stated it is developing a roadmap that seems to consist of; overthrowing Morsi, forming a new constitution, forming a government of independents headed by an army general and setting dates for new elections. Some people are worried the army is trying to reclaim the influence that was taken by Morsi when he became president.

Morsi has reacted by stating he will stay in office at all costs. He has given a speech on state television saying quote: “If my blood was the price to maintain legitimacy then I am ready for this for the sake of this nation’s stability.”

Egyptians are bracing for a showdown between Morsi and the army fearing the amount of violence seen so far may escalate into a much bigger conflict.

  1. Mahdi said:

    Dit is echt een goede blog. Ik leer veel bij.

    • Dank je wel. Ik probeer met regelmaat bij te werken maar dat kost enige moeite 😉

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